Cynergy provide a comprehensive end to end delivery model for ordering diagnostics, reviewing results, and executing a treatment plan in a fee for services model that is simple and easy to access for employers, government, and consumers in their preferred care setting.

CynergyLIVE for Virtual, Proctored Collectons

CynergyLIVE (Live Immediate Virtual Evaluation) powered by eRAMxâ„¢ provides virtual support for safety, health, and wellness screening. With the ability to provide virtual proctored collection and result interpretation for approved at home diagnostics, we are well positioned to meet COVID-19 surveillance testing requirements and expediate hiring with real time rapid results. The convenience of virtual testing eliminates time away from work, and also eliminates access challenges related to geography and mobility.

Cynergy is a trusted partner in workplace health and safety, and through CynergyLIVE we can provide an objective virtual evaluation for impairment at work. Our experts are trained to consistently to apply standards for behavioral assessment in combination with corporate drug policy and ease the regulatory and legal burden for the employer.

CynergyLIVE is your virtual access to safety, health, and wellness screening. 

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