A donor who normally voids through the use of a medically necessary catheter or external urine bag should provide a specimen in their normal method of voiding.

Collection procedures change to accommodate the situation.  The donor should still be allowed the privacy of a restroom.  The specimen should be a freshly voided specimen.  Any urine collection system should be emptied in the privacy of a restroom prior to the start of the collection, and the collector should view the container to ensure it is actually empty.  Fluids should be provided (up to the normal 40 ounces) to allow the donor to produce urine normally, and, when the medical urine container contains enough volume, 45 mL should be poured, by the donor, again in the privacy of a restroom, into the DOT collection cup.  The temperature of the specimen should be recorded and it should be noted in the remarks section that the urine was collected from an external collection device.  Other unusual characteristics (the smell of bleach, particles floating in the urine, etc.) should be noted and addressed as normal.